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Snake Eye piercing | snake eye piercing scar

Snake Eye piercing is our today’s topic Hey guys welcome back to my channel my name is Eddie if you are new to my channel I just want to welcome you guys and my neighbors could have picked the perfect moment to remain video today I welcome you to the family and stick around and check out all my other videos and mean a lot to me I’m sorry I also apologize for being kind absent so it’s just kind of trying to enjoy myself and

 snake eye piercing scar

I have been if you guys I get to check out my new channel with my boyfriend that’s where I’ve been for the past month or so we’ve been uploading on our channel and it’s super exciting of fun because we get to do and share things together so I will linger channel number those two guys can check it out and subscribe so for those who don’t know my snake eyes video kinda went viral we’re almost at two million views which is super exciting for me because I’ve never had a video that hit so many views and that’s where most of my subscribers came from from that log which I’m very grateful for so that is why I decided to create this video today the truth about snake eyes so I’m just going to give you all the dirty secrets about snake eyes of what comes with the piercing because I for those who don’t know I’ve had this piercing for nearly two years I will be two years and January so I’ve kind of got to see and meet all these crazy things that come with the piercing so I’m here today to notify you guys everything about it so first off the piercing pain is very tolerable in my personal experience it was in like painful because like I said by far my most painful piercing was my nose so I feel like it’s very tolerable are people that get their tongue pierced the normal tongue piercing they say that they barely even feel the needle they are mostly only fill the bar going in which is what I felt as well but you do fill.

Hey, you do feel a little pain to await the piercing but it’s very tolerable my tongue did believe it which is normal like any other pure seeing it’s normal to bleed.

All our people freaked out because my tongue was bleeding but it’s normal you poke yourself you scratch yourself you believe so that piercing is a very controversial just because it is on one of your most important muscles which helps you speak and not and your teeth are right there and if you guys don’t know.

The bar is literally right there.

How do you get appears it’s not so bad if you guys see my video you can see that I can barely even talk my tongue was so like swelled up and in pain that it was really difficult for me to talk it continued on for the next two days and I was eating nothing but ice and likes movies and stuff and it cools down after a while I was able is like normal to me but it did get a lot of getting used to the biggest issue I have personally and it really I really really hate it just because I like to be a well-spoken person and I feel like I can do that with this piercing I really counts like honest to god I’m I’ve been talking with that on so you guys can see my speech and then after I’ll take it off and you guys can see the difference in my speech so.

When I first got it I I would always get tongue-tied like all the other corporate the clips well I was talking to you guys where I got tongue-tied like my tongue just the house like it doesn’t really stop and I cannot like to get the word out and that bugs the crap out of me really does because I hate it I I was like being a well-spoken person and I cannot be that person with the tongue piercing like it’s really difficult for me I feel like I have a list and now but every time I take off the piercing I don’t have it it’s just because I feel like it.

Yes my muscle from moving Michael my tongue increments my tongue from like moving on fully which is why I believe that like interrupts my speech so much so that’s what I think is happening always from my end but that is my biggest issue like I cannot speak well like I get tongue tied I can’t get a word out like it just stops in the middle of nowhere and I’m just like it’s so annoying so in school when I had to do public speech talk to it like in front of the class I always took the piercing out because I didn’t want to look stupid because I feel like I was stupid like Hey your college girl can even talk and I hate having to stutter and all that stuff so I always take it off that is my biggest concern with this piercing I can’t get my words out correctly and be English being my second language I just hate it when people be like hello this girl can even talk English you know so.

That’s one of my biggest concerns which is why I’ve been honestly thinking about removing the piercing just because of that issue but we’ll see what happens I’m haven’t really made up my mind so I’m still thinking about it the third biggest concern I’ve had like it’s kind of it it’s hi is also the first one it’s that every time I eat I sometimes buy into the piercing I’m not gonna lie to you guys I buy into the piercing sometimes I have one of my molars.

I bit into it and I’m not no joke I chipped the **** out of it like it chip and I can feel like I need to go to the dentist and he’s probably going to be like Hey you need to take that off it’s going to be messing up your teeth so back.

Can you see what I’m talking about by far I’ve only had one tooth that chip due to this piercing this is really annoying in a sense but that it is I’ve dealt with and I’ve been into it more than once obviously and it hurts it’s painful.

I mean that’s I’ve learned to take it off as soon as I start eating because I can’t like I am not going to deal with the pain and me having to chip anymore of my teeth which is why I like I said I’m kind of considered removing piercing just because of that as well.

It is very painful when you buy it on to onto metal it really is it’s painful I don’t know what else to say about it but yeah I got it so that’s one of the only things about this piercing it’s a really nice person I really like it I think it’s unique comes with it it comes with its arrested to see how it’s I can’t even talk like it’s so annoying so this is how the piercing looks like for those who don’t know.

Like I said it’s right there right across your tongue and it hits your teeth all the time it really does I didn’t notice that I had two different sizes of the ball.

As you can see these balls are not as big I’ve had a bigger once before and.

Windows ten to hate your teeth a lot more I don’t know if you can hear it when he hits my teeth but I can hear it because it’s in my.

But it does hit your teeth or whatever and I feel like it has more on my car just because I have a really long tongue.

My tongue is really bad because I have a friend who has this piercing as well and she says she doesn’t have much of a problem but she does have a smaller town than me so I was thinking maybe Hey that’s maybe that maybe the reason as to why so it does hit your tongue your tongue it does hate your teeth a lot every time you talk there’s no would like avoiding it and that’s the end of.

That’s the honest truth is going to continue on happening I’ve never really did try out the plastic balls because I’ve heard you should change into plastic balls but I never really did I should probably should have checked it out and give it a shot or whatever but no I never did so I’m gonna go ahead and remove it.

This is the bar.

My piercer.

Custom makes these by herself I’ve seen her do it so who will never say that’s bullshit I’ve actually to watch their duties so so I’m gonna go ahead and start talking without it as you can see I am way more confident in my speech in my talk like I feel like I’m able to talk without a list or without anything holding me back I’m like yeah if you notice it every single one my videos I have it all if I’m talking to you guys just because I don’t want to talk with it on because I sound stupid and.

I feel like I’m being interrupted every time and it’s really annoying but honest to god those are about the three main problems or like things that you must know about the piercing because like I said it’s a very controversial piercing within Pierce’s in general people say they should impair say about I feel like no one should be telling someone what they should do with there are you know it’s their thing and it’s us it’s up to us whether we want to get it pierced her not so innocent people should really be speaking for others problems come out with every pair seeing there’s no piercing that has not ever gotten infected every person has honestly gone affected your piercings can be just as dangerous you know so it just depends how you take care of it who your piercer is if the shop is clean you know all that stuff so it just really really think about it so my best advice would be to and consider all these problems that come with the piercing and it’s up to you whether you want to deal with them or not I personally gotten tired of try I’m trying having to deal with this.

Which is why I decided to come on today and talk to you guys about the issues that I’ve had and that I don’t know if I’m still willing to deal with I have nothing against of the piercing these are just the issues I’ve had I personally love the piercing I think it’s.

Really nice and it’s sexy and everything I look I’m the interesting person I love piercings I probably won’t ever some training piercings even don’t know a lot of people tell me they don’t have issues so it just maybe my issues I’m not trying to speak for everyone else I’m just trying to let you guys know the issues that I’ve had so it is a very controversial piercing at the end of the day it’s up to you if you want to get no like I said every person comes with its risk and if you’re willing to deal with the rest you know just like when a person has sex you have the risk of getting pregnant your partner you know to decide whether you and take the risk or not but.

That is so totally inappropriate and that has nothing to do with this.

Anyway, you guys so that’s pretty much it those are all the three main issues I’ve had with the pair seeing if you have any comments if you had a different experience with the piercing feel free to comment below and your experience with an I’m sure you’ll help me and many others maybe if you have any tips if you had the piercing longer that will be helpful let me know really becoming double.

So this is pretty much it for the video I hope you guys got a good clarification about the piercing and the risks that come with it and like I said then the day it’s up to you as a lovely pursing I love it personally we guy so I will talk to you guys later I apologize for being a little absent like I said I’ve been trying to enjoy my summer and I have been and if you ever get to check out my time with my boyfriend

I believe it down below and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button okay so that concludes my video for today I hope you guys enjoyed everything and like I said I was being sincere honest on this video and I said everything bluntly whether you agree or disagree leave your comments down below but yeah that should do it for today I will upload soon I’m gonna start uploading all my channel because I was focusing a lot more my boyfriend’s channel my reference on our channel but I was sort of learning a lot more anyway guys don’t forget to like comment any questions I agreements disagreements you have down below and don’t forget to subscribe.