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Let’s see if you can guess why do men not experiment colognes for men when it comes to fragrances the reason is simple guys don’t want to take the risk they don’t want to make a mistake and buyer fragrance it just smells so so with the girlfriend ends up hating I Germany takes video or make it easy on cal downtown the best selling fragrances these are the fragrances you can’t mess up everybody’s gonna love and most importantly you wear these you’re going to smell amazing.

best selling colognes
best selling colognes

Having never Ted we got F. by Ferragamo black this fragrance is all about fresh wiping his mixed in with the Smokey sweetness so I went out there returns reviews on this fragrance I loved this one the guy says on the first day that I use this fragrance I receive compliments on how I smell how soft it came off as I passed by my girlfriend absolutely loved this Cologne on me when you think F. by Ferragamo black you want to think about contrast to one side you’ve got this kind of buttoned up approach on the other hand you’ve got this unbridled confidence and I have to agree it’s a great fragrance the you should look to add your wardrobe coming in at number nine we’ve got Burberry brit format so the notes are gonna be rose orange Tonka bean nutmeg Carmont and cedar what so when you think about Burberry brit for men what you want to think about is the journey you’re gonna start off with that nice citrus note and then we’re gonna move into the floor and then after that we’re gonna finish it off with the mosque and this is a really complex fragrance but it’s also one it’s not really going to offend anyone it’s a safe fragrance you’re gonna get a lot of wear out of and a lot of compliments in fact check out with this review were set not only did my woman love this but so did everyone else it’s a must have really smells clean like after a weekend swim at the beach or after a cold fresh our legends when it be amazing to try all these fragrances haven’t delivered right to your door at a fair price well gents what I just described is separate the sponsor of today’s video they make it easy for you to get guaranteed not counterfeit the real thing when it comes to fragrances delivered right to your door which you can sample at home for fourteen ninety five here’s how it works step one go to their website pick out a fragrance they’ve got over four hundred and fifty options step two receiver fragrance in the mail and again you’re going to receive enough for the entire month we’re talking a hundred forty sprays here step number three just your studies you may say you know what I want to get three samples or you can go right on to the website.

And purchase again authentic fragrances they are guaranteed to be the real thing semper logic data fragrance before you commit guys free shipping easy cancellation and I’ve been in New York I’ve met the people behind the company they came out to my mental Winchell conference they’re the real deal German unlike in the separate down the description of today’s for you with the best discount code you gonna fight after use it or lose it go check it out use that link down in the description next up we got Robert Graham courage and this is the fragrance I’m wearing right now and I absolutely love it let’s talk about the notes we got citron bergamot and go backward now when you read the description this fragrance they talk about driving a car up and down the coast and I get that but for me it’s actually more I parked the car I’m out there on the beach takes you back to Hawaii and I’m just smelling I mean just having all this would around you and being right there next to the ocean is it clean you got the citrus you’ve got the woody type but I this is just an amazing fragrance and if you don’t believe me check out this review women love it it’s a strong woody and citrus scent that has great balance in smells great I sent him the war during the day or at night I always receive compliments well we’re in this fragrance now these next two on the putting together at number seven that’s English laundry Oxford blew it English laundry Notting hill for Matt so let’s start off with the notes of Oxford blue you’re gonna pick up green apple vanilla mint Tonka bean lemon and iris this is a really fresh clean fragrance and one of the problems with fresh clean fragrances is that they don’t last long this one does it’s got some good lasting power so this is something you can apply in the morning it’s gonna last all day so now let’s talk about the note for Notting hill ferment first up we’ve got cedar wood than citrus jasmine musk and pepper not compared with the Oxford blue I feel this one’s a bit more polarized because we’ve got on one hand we’ve got that would we’ve got the citrus and then it goes over into that mosque it’s got that pepper to me that.

Pepper in anything with pepper is something that some people don’t like some people do I love this fragrance and I think it’s actually relatively safe if you’re looking for something that is going to have a little bit of an edge to it this is your go to fragments coming in at number six Kenneth Cole blackballed so the notes here are gonna be swayed Basil ginger insets violet leaf and lotus so this fragrance is supposed to evoke the feeling of being in New York City a put yourself out there going after your dreams being in the city that never sleeps everyone costly trying to make it happen strength power confidence intensity that’s this fragrance and what people have to say about it let’s read a review solid clean scent smells great not too intense so a good Cologne for work or when you want to wear all black bold enough to make you feel like you can take down the line but soft enough to cherish Bulinus I like that review that guy was good he’s a poet you don’t know it but his speech short because they’re Longfellow’s coming in at number five dolce Gabbana the one the notes here we’re gonna be amber tobacco ginger grapefruit Carmont in orange blossom it’s an oriental freight so you have to be careful with it you don’t want to over use this one but if you’ve never tried to you don’t have an oriental fragrance in your wardrobe this is one you want to add coming in at number four Tommy Bahama maritime for him your notes here are bergamot lavender pink pepper Clary sage cedar ward and jasmine now this fragrance is all about the fresh clean air you’re out on a boat in your just breathing that in and it smells great now you’re gonna notice this had a wide variety of notes in it actually is a complex fragrance but it does a good job of not overpower you with all the other items in there this is really a simple clean fragrance the tons of people really enjoy coming in at number three well golly arc what your notes here are gonna be sea weed Mandarin orange orange cedar wood grain and lavender again we got another aquatic center this should tell you that these type of fragrances rock.

Because people want to smell clean this is something we’re naturally attracted to it comes off as healthy it comes off is just invigorating and it’s something that people are drawn to very refreshing and noticeable a call not over powering sent really enjoyable as soon as my wife’s not this she said oh yeah as for me I too love the crisp clean scent it’s a summer type Cologne and it lasts a long time coming in at number two we’ve got Versace eros and I gotta think Samper for introducing me to this fragrance I’d never heard of it and I got a few of these and I’ve requested again in the skin samples from them because it is a great fragrance I need a break down just buy a bottle the point is this fragrance is amazing let’s talk about the notes we’ve got vanilla met Tonka bean green apple lemon and Brock’s we smothers once all about love passion desire romance eros the god of love guys this is a very alluring friends if you look for something to wear that is going to attract the ladies check out Versace eros and the reviews are pretty simple I love this scent great for a date night or the office it works well in both situations now I’m not so much sure about the office let you wanted a little bit of romance going on but again a great fragrance I know my wife absolutely love this one now before revealed number one fragrance on this list when introduced to one it’s not as common that I think is going to become a classic in the next decade and that is Roger Elise yeah now the notes here this one gets pretty complicated we got great for life lemon bergamot musk and then it fades into a floral heart of light rose with jasmine notes it’s also got hints about ever cedar and pink pepper now you’re reading about road Julie see what’s gonna notice is people say this is a complex fragrance nobody makes fragrances like this anymore this one is amazing and I know for a lot of guys you don’t want to wear the fragrances everyone else is wearing so if you want to try something daring check out road you’re leasing and here’s what the reviews are saying when you first spray it on you’re gonna get the.

Holy grail of citrus I’ve been wearing this fragrance for a week and I’ve been receiving overwhelming positive attention the projection is fantastic for like the first two hours and at the five hour mark it’s it’s very closely to the skin becoming an intimate sense the versatility of this fragrance is fantastic okay so drum roll please it is time to reveal the number one right.

Dolce and Gabbana light blue the notes here we’re going to be great for it bergamot pepper Mandarin orange rose merry and Brazilian rose what now put this fragrance is number one because people describe it as a clever combination it’s got a little bit of a cold following and when you try when you smell this you’re gonna be impressed this is a solid fragrance they should be in every man’s wardrobe and here’s what they’re saying in the reviews are perfect go to for any occasion not too loud but strong enough for the ladies when they’ll get a whiff when they walk by it’s such a relaxed and clean smell that I forget I have it on until people compliment me I cancer now your order how do I apply fragrance correctly without messing it up check out this video right here how to apply fragrance and in this video I walked to exactly how to do it correctly and to avoid all the mistakes that tons of guys make don’t spray of fragrance cloud and walk into it talk about that a lot of other things so go check out this video guys and continue to learn about fragrance and become that man you know yourself to be.